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Bitcoin Lifehack

Bitcoin Lifehack: Recharge Phones While Travelling

Are you moving or travelling to a foreign country and you need to recharge your new prepaid mobile number? It has always been a hard task to recharge prepaid phones while travelling or moving to another country when you can’t easily find an solution recharge your phone fast. At Cryptorefills, we solve this problem.

Our service helps recharge any mobile phone number using Bitcoin within minutes. Top-ups are automatically processed to any operator and get rid of the hassle of the recharge instructions of the mobile networks in foreign countries. Cryptorefills is available and serves 150 countries all around the globe.

How to recharge any prepaid mobile using Bitcoin

The steps are easy to understand. The whole process takes just minutes.

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Enter any prepaid mobile number
Step 3. Choose the top up amount you want to recharge for
Step 4. Confirm payment with Bitcoin or altcoins
Step 5. Receive the recharge directly to your phone or a top up code by email

It is as easy as that.

What are the advantages

This process is fast, easy and secure thus reducing the tedious long travels to recharge from a local seller or provider where in the case of being in a foreign country, the language barrier is eliminated.

There are no additional fees for this process but only slight markups for Bitcoin transaction to enter the blockchain. The markups are getting lower than the usual markups for credit card payments.

Why Cryptorefills

Cryptorefills is a web-based service that has partnerships with mobile recharge providers around the world.  An added advantage of this is that you get to recharge any phone number in the world including your friend’s and family’s mobile numbers as well. No matter where you are on the globe you can easily top-up any mobile phones using Cryptorefills at your own convenience.

Recharge Prepaid Mobile Phones with Bitcoin and Altcoins over 150 countries and more than 600 mobile networks

Top up Prepaid Mobile Phones with Bitcoin and Altcoins Now