Social Media Manager - CryptoRefills

Social Media Manager

Location: Netherlands / Italy / turkey (Smart working / work from home)

Compensation: TBD Local Internship Package or Entry Level Business Specialist based on previous experience. Discretionary bonus based on personal and general business performance.

About the Company

We believe blockchain based digital currencies have the potential to solve some of the world’s most important problems such as financial inclusion, protection, privacy and freedom. With Cryptorefills we are on a mission to bring blockchain based payments into everyday life and accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrency (bitcoin or other digital currency yet to come).

Access to crypto investments, trading and person-to-person transactions, is relatively easy today. However, this only serves a limited scope of needs for these currencies. Using cryptocurrencies in everyday life, such as for buying goods and services is instead very limited.

Cryptorefills is a website and Android app offering users in over 235 countries and territories the possibility to use their bitcoin and crypto to make everyday purchases. With Cryptorefills, users spend different cryptocurrencies to top up their phone credit across 600 Mobile Operators, pay their utility bills, subscribe to their favorite entertainment services (Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes), purchase from top e-commerce brands (Amazon, Bol) shop at retail stores (Walmart) and even travel, buy fuel and pay restaurant bills.

The Company is a fast growing fintech, headquartered in Amsterdam, with a local presence in Milano and Izmir.

Your Role

As Community and Social Media manager you will be in charge of developing CryptoRefills brand’s online community. You will be the first point of contact within the social media community and you will strive to drive awareness of our brand and offers as well as provide support to members of the community. You will examine trends affecting our industry to create interesting and engaging content as well as monitor topics mentioned by our community in order to anticipate problems that may impact our brand’s reputation. Your overall goal is to build our online presence and foster stronger relationships between our company and the public.

Your Activity

Key Activities

  • Serve as a point of contact for the company’s social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, forum and blog
  • Interact with community members and customers in a professional, personable, and timely manner to grow and keep the community alive
  • Work with the Marketing Manager to create high quality, engaging, relevant, and timely content
  • Manage the social media editorial calendar and ensure the content is published by the stipulated deadlines
  • Foster and strengthen new relationships with key influencers within the community
  • Deploy social listening tools to monitor positive/negative comments and topic trends, and strive to boost engagement and resolve any potential conflicts that may affect brand reputation
  • Generate comprehensive reports on overall community sentiment and notable trends and provide meaningful feedback
  • Keep up to date to the latest social media trends and emerging social media platforms in the industry

This is a WFH (Work From Home) role. Once we reopen our offices we may allow full WFH or partial WFH depending on your responsibilities and other considerations to be made together in the future.

Your Profile

These are mandatory requirements

  • You must have a very good understanding of the blockchain / crypto ecosystem and community. You are genuinely passionate about crypto and you follow the news and trends in the crypto industry.
  • You either have prior work experience in community / social media management or you can prove that you are up to the job, by providing other relevant experience (e.g. personal social media following and engagement, etc.).
  • You are an extrovert and communicator as well as a good listener and empathic person.
  • Your English both written and spoken is absolutely fluent. Mother tongue is preferred.
  • You have good copywriting skills, you can write interesting articles, catchy sentences, engaging marketing claims that can trigger strong call-to-action.
  • You have decent digital design skills. You can create some nice banners, illustrations, catchy gifs, for social media posts and blogs using the tools of your choice (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.).
  • You have a good marketing and communications background and understanding, either a marketing degree or other relevant experience.
  • You are creative. You believe you can think out of the box and come up with some good ideas to generate visibility and
  • You are the kind of person that can identify problems and assess their potential impact before they occur. You are the kind of person that is smart and creative in resolving problems when they occur and once they occur you will proactively identify ways and tools to ensure the problems won’t happen again and/or mitigate their impact.
  • You like team work and are a great communicator, you can communicate clearly with other team members so everyone is aligned.

What we offer

CryptoRefills is a start-up and as such has very limited resources. The work of every person from Intern to the CEO has impact on the overall success of the company. The first and most important thing we offer is being empowered and trusted in a role that has profound impacts on the quality of service we offer and on customer happiness, thus on the entire business.

We will offer a competitive salary package based on your experience and discretionary bonuses based on your success and on the success of the company.

Based on your performance and the performance of the company you will have the opportunity to grow quickly into a role of great responsibility.

You will also have the opportunity to learn on the field about the bitcoin and crypto universe, as well as work directly together with successful entrepreneurs and executives to see how a start-up is built.