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About Us

Our Vision and Mission

We believe that within the next 10 to 15 years blockchain based currencies such as bitcoin will become the main payment medium. These currencies provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems such as financial privacy, protection, freedom and inclusiveness.

With Cryptorefills we are on a mission to bring blockchain based payments into everyday life and accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrency including bitcoin and other digital currencies yet to come. We are here to do our part in building a financially inclusive, freer and fairer world, by focusing on the consumer side of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Our story

CryptoRefills was founded by Massi and Simonluca in 2018 with the idea of putting their combined 30 years of experience in digital payments technologies to develop the largest consumer-centric crypto shopping platform. 

We started our adventure by enabling users to top up their mobile credit using bitcoin. Mobile phone credit is extremely valuable for users as it is used for airtime, for data traffic and is increasingly used for mobile payments (also known as Mobile Carrier Billing) and remittance. We then added gift cards starting from games and apps and progressively expanded our catalog to include the world’s largest online and offline retail brands. In the meantime we started accepting new coins, added new features to our platform and closed some great partnerships.

Company History

Q3 2018

Beta version goes live

Q4 2018

Mobile Top Ups

Q1 2019

CryptoRefills Android App

Q2 2019

Games and App Stores

Q3 2019

Lightning Network

Q4 2019

E-commerce & Travel

Q1 2020

Retail and Supermarkets

Q2 2020

Loyalty Program

Our Company

CrypoRefills today is the world’s leading cryptocommerce platform and brand, offering users in over 235 countries and territories the possibility to use their bitcoin and crypto to make everyday purchases. With Cryptorefills, users spend different cryptocurrencies to top up their phone credit across 600 Mobile Operators, pay their utility bills, subscribe to their favorite entertainment services, make purchases from top e-commerce brands and even shop at retail stores.

Cryptorefills, incorporated as Big Dream Ventures BV, is a fast-growing fintech company. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has offices in Milano and Istanbul.

Cryptorefills is a proud member of the Holland Fintech association.

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The CryptoRefills Way

At CryptoRefills, each one of us subscribes to, and operates according to these values and principles. This is how we want the world to be, this is how we act as a company.









The Team

CryptoRefills Team

Each and everyone of us looks at blockchain and bitcoin as one of the biggest and most exciting disruptions of our time, something as big as the internet, and we want to be actively part of this. We are passionate to do our share in driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. We aim to make it normal, easy and safe for people to use cryptocurrencies as their preferred payment medium. We want to do this our way, paying special attention to the customer, ease-of-use, UX and brand, creating the best cryptoshopping experience possible.

CryptoRefills Team

CryptoRefills Management

Our key expertise is working where fintech and marketing meet. We come from years of experience digital payments, digital marketing and ecommerce. Gerry is the former General Manager of Amazon Europe. Massi and Simonluca were CEO and Deputy CTO at Onebip, processing payments for some of the biggest game companies in the world. Francesca has several years of directorship roles in finance & risk management.

CryptoRefills Advisers

Gerry is a “Eurotech” superstar, currently advisor of Peleton, BoD member of different European Tech companies, founder of Mallorca Startups, former General Manager of Amazon Marketplaces Europe. Gerry has worked with the Massi and Simonluca for 10 years across many projects.

Juan is a private investor and entrepreneur in blockchain proyects. He is a board member of Cryptotrust Fiduciaria SA, a professional trustee managing investmest trusts that focus on digital assets. Before joining the blockchain revolution Juan was an executive in the chemical industry having worked for BASF, Rohm & Haas and Air Liquide. Juan holds a degree in Biochemistry and an MBA from Cranfield University in the UK.

CryptoRefills advisors are actively involved in providing continuous support and guidance to the Management. Please contact Gerry only for Corporate Development related topics and Juan only for Blockchain-related strategic alliances.

In The Press

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