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CryptoRefills is the first E-commerce to process and accept Circle’s Eurocoin


EUROC is available as a currency option for CryptoRefills customers on “Day 1” of Circle’s official launch of the Euro-backed stablecoin.

CryptoRefills launches the EUROC payment option for its customers, the first e-commerce in the world to process and accept Circle’s new Euro-backed digital currency.

Press Releases


CryptoRefills Launches Arbitrum Payment Option

CryptoRefills now supports payments over Arbitrum for faster transaction finality and reduced transaction fees.


How to Use Binance Pay

Learn how to use Binance Pay at CryptoRefills


CryptoRefills Launches Fantom Payment Option

CryptoRefills adds support for Fantom, another super-fast, low-cost payment option


Consumer Report 2021

The first and largest research into consumer use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for shopping and payments.


Bridging DeFi on Avalanche

A new use case for Avalanche, Bridging DeFi with Real-World Goods and Services.


Cryptorefills Integrates Polygon

Cryptorefills Integrates Polygon (Formerly Matic) to Resolve High Gas Fees and Slow Confirmation Times on Gift Card Purchases Made with Cryptocurrency.


CryptoRefills Accepts Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) payments are available now at CryptoRefills.


Juan Manini joins CryptoRefills as Blockchain Strategy Advisor

We are happy to announce that Juan Manini joins the CryptoRefills team as Blockchain Strategy Advisor.


Dash Next & Cryptorefills Recap

CryptoRefills confirms that Dash payments have seen a strong growth especially during the second half of 2020, thanks to the campaign.


The CryptoRefills IPhone App

We are proud to announce the launch of the CryptoRefills iPhone app.


Special Dash Rewards are available on CryptoRefills

CryptoRefills users redeem 30% more value if they redeem their loyalty rewards in Dash.


Launching New Offer in Spain

Cryptorefills expands with 900 new brands and stores globally, of which more than 30 are dedicated to the Spanish market.


Spain – Lightning Network What is it and How to Make Your First Payment

What is it and How to Make Your First Payment


CryptoRefills Announces the “CryptoRefills Loyalty Program”

Earn points and redeem crypto when buying gift cards and top ups with bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies


Lancio Nuova Offerta Italia

+120 Brand e Negozi disponibili in Italia Pagamenti con Bitcoin, Litecoin e Dash Lightning Network per pagamenti super veloci. (Language IT)


Lightning Network Cos’è e come effettuare il tuo primo pagamento

Cos’è e come effettuare il tuo primo pagamento. (Language IT)


Finally Games, TV, Music and Education can be purchased with Bitcoin in Turkey

Cryptorefills brings Steam, Google Play, iTunes, PubG, Gameforge, and hundreds of other products available to Turkish users.


CryptoRefills and Dash Partnership

Dash and CryptoRefills partner to promote and accelerate the adoption and use of cryptocurrency for everyday needs.


Cryptorefills launches Game Credits and Vouchers

CryptoRefills expands its partnership network enabling its users to purchase games and game credits globally with Bitcoin.


Cryptorefills Enables Bitcoin Purchases Across 600 Mobile Operators

Cryptorefills expands its partnership network with Mobile Network Operators.

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