Optimism at CryptoRefills


Optimism at CryptoRefills for faster transaction finality and reduced transaction fees
Optimism at CryptoRefills

Amsterdam Feb 28, 2023 - CryptoRefills, a global leader in gift card retail and mobile top-ups that pioneers blockchain payments, announced today the launch of a new payment option for its users. CryptoRefills customers can now pay with ETH and some of the top stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, DAI, and Frax over the Optimism layer 2 network.

Optimism is a layer 2 chain built on top of Ethereum that utilizes optimistic rollups to drastically reduce costs and transaction times. The reduction in fees is especially significant for small value purchases and when transacting in stablecoins, which have higher fees compared to ETH. Optimism’s rollup technology also speeds up transaction finality, providing a faster and smoother payment experience for users.

The launch of Optimism is another key layer 2 project implemented by CryptoRefills to offer its customers the newest and most interesting blockchain payment options. With a variety of L2 options and supported stablecoins, CryptoRefills has established itself as a primary gateway between global brands and the wider Web3 community.

About Optimism

Optimism is an extension to Ethereum which enables users and developers to benefit from the latter’s strong security guarantees while being cheaper and faster. The OP token is used for governance and can be bought or sold on Coinbase and other exchanges.

Optimism is a fast, stable, and scalable L2 solution built by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers. Optimism’s EVM-equivalent architecture scales your Ethereum apps without surprises. Committed to building a sustainable ecosystem through retroactive public goods funding, Optimism is scaling Ethereum’s present to provide funding for its future.

About Cryptorefills

Cryptorefills is on a mission to enable people all over the world to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their everyday needs. With Cryptorefills, people from over 150 countries and territories can top up their mobile credit and buy gift cards with Bitcoin and other crypto from the world’s largest digital and retail brands. As one of the earliest adopters of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and as the first company in the world to launch Ethereum layer-2 payments for e-commerce (via Polygon Matic and Arbitrum) and to use fast finality blockchains (via Avalanche and Fantom), Cryptorefills is leading the innovation in applied decentralized payments and developing new technologies for the gift card industry.

Cryptorefills is also very active in researching and educating on consumer spending of cryptocurrency in retail through its Labs initiative and publishes an annual report on the global use of crypto for purchasing goods and services.

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