Cryptorefills ambassador program

At Cryptorefills, we offer our users the opportunity to become our Cryptorefills ambassador. By becoming a Cryptorefills ambassador, you will serve as the representative and our voice to other users, helping to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of Cryptorefills.

Unlock a world of digital currency advancements

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Cryptorefills Ambassador program

Ambassadors earn points freely and reap the benefits!

Boost your visibility and personal brand

As our ambassador, you'll boost your visibility and credibility. Partnering with our reputable company attracts new opportunities and collaborations. Through media appearances, you'll expand your influence and become a recognized industry influencer.

Expand your network and connections

Join our ambassador program for networking and relationship-building. Connect with industry professionals, executives, and influential individuals. Build valuable connections, mentorships, and collaborations. Engage with like-minded individuals for new relationships and partnerships.

Excellence shared

Ambassadors are granted exclusive membership in our esteemed program, where they forge a strong alliance with the dynamic Cryptorefills marketing and product team.

Help understand the needs of local users
Strive to be your best in every endeavor.
Collect feedback from local users and community
Spread your knowledge generously with others.
Always learning
Embrace a perpetual mindset of growth and improvement.
Localizing our product
Provide unwavering support to those around you.
Actively promote our service locally
Acknowledge and own your actions and their consequences.
Help create local content
Fully appreciate and indulge in well-deserved relaxation.


Joining the Cryptorefills ambassador program and mastering the necessary skills is like navigating a decentralized maze, but instead of treasure, you find NFTs and memes along the way!

Make sure you meet the following criteria

Be a registered user of Cryptorefills.

Actively engage with and participate in blockchain communities.

Have a strong understanding of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency industry, and technologies such as blockchain and the Lightning Network.

Bonus but not required

1,000+ Followers on Twitter

1,000+ Subscribers on YouTube

You have a blog site related to blockchain

You have your own blockchain community

Do you have what it takes to become one of our ambassadors?

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