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Cryptorefills is a leading global player in mobile top up and gift card retail for crypto users, headquartered in Amsterdam.

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Cryptorefills Company event

Our mission

We believe that within the next 10 to 15 years, blockchain-based currencies, will become the primary payment medium. These currencies offer solutions to some of the world's most significant challenges, including financial privacy, security, freedom, and inclusivity.

With Cryptorefills, we are on a mission to bring blockchain-based payments into everyday life and accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies yet to come. We are here to do our part in building a financially inclusive, freer, and fairer world by focusing on the consumer side of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Countries and territories

Our story

Cryptorefills was founded by Massimiliano Silenzi, Simonluca Landi and Mats Veenman in 2018 with the idea of putting their combined 30 years of experience in digital payments technologies to develop the largest consumer-centric crypto shopping platform.

The adventure began with enabling users to top up their mobile credit using Bitcoin. Subsequently, gift cards were added, starting with games and apps, and our catalog gradually expanded to include the largest online and offline retail brands worldwide. Simultaneously, we started accepting new coins, introduced new features to our platform, launched our native mobile apps, and forged valuable commercial and marketing partnerships, including collaborations with Binance and Avalanche.

Cryptorefills operate at the frontier of the crypto sector, bringing the most interesting innovations in blockchain technology typically used in DeFi or Web 3, into real-world payment and commerce applications. Besides being among the earliest adopters of Lightning Network, we are the first company in the world to have launched stablecoin payments over Layer 2 Ethereum Networks (via Polygon) and scalability blockchains (via Avalanche) within an eCommerce service.

Cryptorefills is actively engaged in consumer research of crypto payments through its Cryptorefills labs initiative and serves as the publisher of the most detailed global report on consumer adoption of cryptocurrency in retail.

Cryptorefills is a proud member of Holland Fintech, BCNL, and IMA Europe associations.

Our values

At Cryptorefills, each one of us subscribes, and operates according to these values and principles. This is how we want the world to be, this is how we act as a company.

Be world-class
Strive to be your best in every endeavor.
Share everything you know
Spread your knowledge generously with others.
Always learning
Embrace a perpetual mindset of growth and improvement.
Be supportive
Provide unwavering support to those around you.
Take responsibility
Acknowledge and own your actions and their consequences.
Enjoy downtime
Fully appreciate and indulge in well-deserved relaxation.

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