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Cryptorefills is a fast growing Dutch fintech and blockchain start-up enabling users all over the world to top up their mobile credit and buy gift cards with cryptocurrency.

As we are still at the dawn of purchasing everyday goods with crypto, our company's mission is to lead our sector in terms of technological and business innovation. We aim to be the first and fastest to bring the most exciting technologies in the blockchain, DeFi, and Web 3 space to the market with real-world applications. We were for example the first shop in the world to accept stablecoin payments via Ethereum Layer 2 networks like Polygon and fast finality blockchains like Avalanche already in 2021.

As we continue to grow Cryptorefills, and with additional capital from our raise in 2022 led by Eric Barbier, we are now launching a disruptive new offering to bring the 700 billion dollar gift card industry onto the blockchain.

We are not raising capital in this moment. However feel free to fill out the form if you would wish to be contacted from our team when we start our next round.