Consumer & digital brands

Empowering online explorers, connecting frontiers

Tap into the vast global network of crypto users and expand your product sales using the cutting-edge platform and technology offered by Cryptorefills. Reach millions of potential customers worldwide by leveraging Cryptorefills' extensive user base and innovative solutions.

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Consumer and digital brands

Crypto, a growing consumer segment, a huge sales opportunity

Reach 420 million of people globally that own crypto
Address unbanked users in emerging markets
Target sophisticated high spending traders, tech enthusiasts and crypto fans

Why partner with Cryptorefills

  • Global market leader in cryptoshopping
  • Strong visibility for thousands of users purchasing everyday from our platform
  • Reach millions of users that access our platform via our partners (e.g. Binance)
  • Accepting all top cryptocurrencies
  • Accepting Lightning Network payments
  • First and only ecommerce platform in the world to accept stablecoin payments via alternative networks (Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon) to enable fast and cheap payment experience
  • Strong AML policies and security procedures for maximum brand protection

Partnership options

Direct partnership

Cryptorefills will create a direct relationship with the brand for both the supply of the gift cards / top ups and for the comarketing opportunities and promotion activities.

Indirect partnership

The brand will offer its gift card / top ups / coupons via its trusted service provider / aggregator. The brand and Cryptorefills will instead directly work together on comarketing and promotion campaigns.

Direct partnership product supply options

  • API Integration: Only for OTT brands or proven business cases: Cryptorefills will directly integrate the brand’s API gift card / mobile top up API to be made available in its catalogue.
  • Stock: Cryptorefills will stock up the codes and periodically order batches from the partner.

Co-marketing opportunities

  • Discounts and extra loyalty point promos
  • Special loyalty rewards promos
  • Joint social media and community campaigns
  • CRM & newsletter
  • Homepage banners
  • Special placement on catalog
  • NFT special offers (coming soon)

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