Press Release: Cryptorefills adds BASE network to its platform offering quicker, cost effective, and efficient payment rails


Cryptorefills now supports USDC and ETH payments via the Base network.
Press Release: Cryptorefills adds BASE network to its platform offering quicker, cost effective, and efficient payment rails

Amsterdam, Netherlands [May 8, 2024] – Cryptorefills, a leading platform in the cryptocurrency commerce space, today announced the addition of BASE network to its extensive list of supported networks. This addition is designed to offer a quicker, more cost-effective, and efficient payment rail for the rapidly growing BASE community.

BASE network has emerged as one of the networks with the largest amount of Total Value Locked (TVL) in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). TVL on BASE, currently stands at 1.6 billion USD, and the bridged TVL has tripled in just a few months to over 6 billion USD.  This growth has been driven by an increasing number of DeFi projects choosing BASE network as an alternative to Ethereum mainet due to its liquidity and cost-effectiveness.

Two important data points were particularly influential in Cryptorefills decision to integrate BASE : 1. The growth of stablecoins on BASE from 400 million USD in March to about 2.5 billion USD currently, with 95% of stablecoin market capitalization on BASE being USDC - a popular choice among Cryptorefills customers; and 2. The rapid growth of unique users on BASE, which now exceeds 580k according to Dune Analytics.

Cryptorefills CEO Massimiliano Silenzi commented, "Cryptorefills has always been committed to providing our users with the most efficient and effective payment solutions, by adding BASE network to our platform, we are not only expanding our offerings but also reaching out to the BASE community, offering them an efficient payment rail back into the real world."

Cryptorefills is often referred to as "the Gateway to the real world" due to its ability to bridge the gap between digital currencies and everyday transactions. The addition of BASE network further solidifies this reputation.

Cryptorefills continues to experiment with every alternate technology available to increase scalability and provide added benefits for its users. The company firmly believes that each network has its own unique technological philosophy, strong community support, and distinct advantages.

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About Cryptorefills

Cryptorefills is on a mission to enable people all over the world to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their everyday needs. With Cryptorefills, people from over 150 countries and territories can top up their mobile credit and buy gift cards with Bitcoin and other crypto from the world’s largest digital and retail brands. As one of the earliest adopters of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and as the first company in the world to launch Ethereum layer-2 payments for e-commerce (via Polygon Matic and Arbitrum) and to use fast finality blockchains (via Avalanche and Fantom), Cryptorefills is leading the innovation in applied decentralized payments and developing new technologies for the gift card industry.

Cryptorefills is also very active in researching and educating on consumer spending of cryptocurrency in retail through its Labs initiative and publishes an annual report on the global use of crypto for purchasing goods and services.

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