CryptoRefills Announces the “CryptoRefills” Loyalty Program


Earn points and redeem crypto when buying gift cards and top ups with bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies
CryptoRefills Announces the “CryptoRefills” Loyalty Program

Amsterdam, May 28th 2020, CryptoRefills announces the launch of a brand new loyalty program for its users shopping with crypto for gift cards and mobile top ups. As of today, CryptoRefills users will earn points for their purchases and redeem bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash as rewards.

The loyalty system includes some interesting features, such as the proprietary Retroclaim technology, which allows CryptoRefills users to accumulate points anonymously even before registering to the program. Thanks to this technology thousands of customers that have already purchased from CryptoRefills have already accumulated points starting from January 2020.

The Loyalty Platform is a new feature of the new CryptoRefills V2 launched today. V2 is the largest development since the launch of CryptoRefills and includes many new features such as registered user accounts, a shopping cart for multiple product purchases as well as a new web and mobile interface.

CryptoRefills allows users to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to top up their mobile phones, purchase gift cards for digital entertainment, ecommerce and for shopping in stores across 180 countries. The mission of CryptoRefills is to enable and incentivize users around the globe to use bitcoin and crypto for their everyday needs. The new loyalty system is a powerful tool, not only to reward and retain customers, but also to further incentivize the use of bitcoin and crypto.

About Cryptorefills

Cryptorefills is on a mission to enable people all over the world to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their everyday needs. With Cryptorefills, people from over 150 countries and territories can top up their mobile credit and buy gift cards with Bitcoin and other crypto from the world’s largest digital and retail brands. As one of the earliest adopters of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and as the first company in the world to launch Ethereum layer-2 payments for e-commerce (via Polygon Matic and Arbitrum) and to use fast finality blockchains (via Avalanche and Fantom), Cryptorefills is leading the innovation in applied decentralized payments and developing new technologies for the gift card industry.

Cryptorefills is also very active in researching and educating on consumer spending of cryptocurrency in retail through its Labs initiative and publishes an annual report on the global use of crypto for purchasing goods and services.

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