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Cryptorefills Ambassador Program

At CryptoRefills we give our users an opportunity to become our ambassadors. By becoming a CryptoRefills Ambassador, you will be the representative and our eyes for the users and help raise awareness about the many benefits of CryptoRefills.

Ambassadors earn points for free and other rewards!

Ambassadors will be asked to support CryptoRefills team locally and will be rewarded in points that they can convert into amazing rewards.

“Ambassadors also gain special recognition
from other members of our community.”

CryptoRefills Ambassadors Activities


CryptoRefills ambassadors are the most active (and elite) members of our community. Ambassadors become members of a special program and work closely with the CryptoRefills marketing and product team.

Helping us understand the needs of local users

Support in localizing our product, for example checking the translations of the website content and translating blog posts.

Collecting feedback from local users and community

Actively promoting our service locally, for example supporting us in getting local media visibility

Helping us attract followers to our social media pages

Helping us interact with the local community

Helping us create content that is relevant for local users


In order to apply for the Ambassador program, you must meet the following criteria.

Bonus but not required:


Do you have what it takes to become one of our ambassadors?

Meet Our Ambassadors

Who are the ambassadors?

At CryptoRefills, our brand’s ambassadors play a crucial role as the face of our company in various countries and blockchain communities. These ambassadors are not just brand representatives, but empowered individuals who have evolved from loyal customers into integral members of our journey.

Our ambassadors serve as valuable assets that allow us to connect with crypto-users on a global scale. They have a deep understanding and passion for the world of cryptocurrencies, and their engagement within different communities allows us to effectively reach and engage with users in various regions.

These individuals have experienced our services firsthand and have witnessed the impact we make in the crypto world. Their personal stories and experiences serve as valuable testimonials, inspiring others to join our community.

Together, we are on a journey to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies. Join us in this exciting mission!

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