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Say Goodbye to High BTC Transaction Fees with Lightning!

You can avoid high BTC transaction fees, stucking in mempool and long confirmation times by using Lightning payment option at Cryptorefills.

Onchain still works well for larger amounts and irregular payments but the regular Bitcoin transactions might get expensive to use for small and regular payments. So we recommend using the Lightning payments with zero configuration to get instant delivery while enjoying 0 transaction fees.

Don’t be afraid of the complexity of getting started with Lightning. There are lots of wallets that support it. Here is how you can get started easily.

How does it work

You can use a hosted Lightning wallet or connect to your own node. This allows you to seamlessly use the Bitcoin Lightning Network, without the need to open channels, be online or operate and mantain a node.

Setup your lightning wallet in less than 5 min

2. Create a Lightning Wallet

Once you have created your Lightning Wallet, you will find the option “manage funds” inside your wallet. This is where you can refill new Wallet.

3. Send an on-chain Transaction

Choose your favourite refill option and send a transaction with the desired amount.

4. Start using Lightning

Once you send your transaction, it will require 3 comfirmations before your balance appears on your Lightning wallet. You will use this balance for instant and 0 fee transactions.

Welcome to the Lightning! ⚡

5. Select BTC-LIGHTNING when you order at CryptoRefills

When creating an order select the pricing in BTC-Lightning


6. Pay your order with 0 fees

After paying your order, we will deliver your product instantly with no blockchain confirmations!

Get instant delivery while enjoying low fees by paying with Lightning!