What cryptocurrencies are supported at CryptoRefills?
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What cryptocurrencies are supported at CryptoRefills?

Thousands of people use CryptoRefills everyday to shop for real-world goods and services with their cryptocurrency. In the last couple of months, we’ve released the support for more cryptocurrencies. We want to give you a quick recap these cryptocurrencies and make sure that you know what cryptocurrencies are supported at CryptoRefills so you can pay with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

CryptoRefills currently support the following cryptocurrencies:




After selecting a product, you can see the pricing of different packages of that product in these cryptocurrencies by selecting a cryptocurrency from the dropdown menu called “Pricing in”.

Once you’ve decided and clicked the package you’d like to buy, you will land on the “Cart” page where you will see different blockchain networks on the menu called “Available networks“. These are the networks available that can run your transaction for that cryptocurrency.

Let’s dive into detail on these cryptocurrencies and our tips for a better payment experience with fast confirmation times and low fees by choosing the right network.

Bitcoin Payments

If you are paying with Bitcoin, you can avoid high transaction fees on your BTC payment by using the Lightning Network. Paying via Lightning Network will result in fast transactions and low fees. If you would like to pay with Lightning, make sure that BTC Lightning Network has been selected on the “Cart” page.

Bitcoin payment via Lightning Network

Paying with USDT, USDC, DAI (stable coins)

There are multiple networks supported by CryptoRefills for these stable coins. Polygon and Avalanche are networks supported by CryptoRefills that both work with immediate confirmation and close to zero transaction costs. They can be used to pay with USDT, DAI and USDC. Keep in mind that we also support USDT on the Ethereum Mainnet.

For the best payment experience, make sure you have installed MetaMask.

About Polygon (formerly Matic) and Avalanche Networks

Polygon (former Matic) Network

USDT payments via Polygon (Matic) Network

Payment transactions on Polygon are confirmed in sub-seconds due to faster block generation times. This provides a payment experience with immediate delivery and close to zero transaction fees who shop with crypto assets like Ethereum (ETH) and other ERC20 tokens. When you would like to make transactions using the Polygon network make sure to add Polygon to your Metamask wallet.

Avalanche Network

DAI payments via Avalanche Network

Earning some profits via your Defi Farming on the Avalanche network? We recommend taking a look at our article on how to transform Those Earnings from Yield Farming into Real-World Goods and Services. You can swap your earnings on the Avalanche network into USDT by using Pangolin swap easily.

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Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only, and none of the information above is intended to be legal, investment, financial, or other advice.