How to Buy Gift Card with Bitcoin in Nigeria

How to Buy Gift Card with Bitcoin in Nigeria

In this blog, we will share how to buy gift card with Bitcoin in Nigeria. You can also use other cryptocurrencies like USDT, USDC, BUSD, ETH, LTC, DAI, MIM, FRAX, and more!

As you may know, most online and retail stores don’t accept Bitcoin and crypto as a payment method in Nigeria and it is still difficult to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your everyday shopping and needs. But there is a clever workaround which is simple and safe. In this post, we will explain how you can buy gift card with Bitcoin in Nigeria.

The trick is to buy gift cards with Bitcoin. You buy the gift card of the brand or store you want to shop by using Bitcoin or another crypto and use it during the checkout.

Buy Gift Card with Bitcoin

A gift card is also known as a gift certificate or a gift voucher is a prepaid stored-value money card issued by a brand or retailer. It is to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store. So for example, if you have a 25,000 NGN Jumia gift card, you can buy up to 25,000 NGN worth of products at Jumia store by redeeming the gift card instead of paying in cash or credit card.

Gift cards can be redeemed online on the retailer’s website and/or directly at the store. It depends on the retailer’s policy. Gift cards used online typically have a pin code to be inserted on the retailer’s e-commerce site. Gift cards to be used at the retailer’s store sometimes contain a barcode. You can generally print out the barcode or keep a copy of it on your phone and show it to the cashier when you pay.

One interesting thing you should know is that gift cards or vouchers are anonymous. So, as the name suggests, you can use them for your own purchases or give them as a gift. How cool is that? You can use Bitcoin to give a nice gift to a friend or loved one.

What you can buy with Bitcoin in Nigeria

Many brands in Nigeria use gift cards extensively, and many more will be doing so soon. Here we list some brands and stores you can shop with Bitcoin in Nigeria. We listed them by category.

Ecommerce gift cards

  • Jumia
  • Hubmart Stores
  • Hamaz Electronics
  • Fancy Soles

Games and Game credit gift cards

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Apex Legends
  • Free Fire
  • Minecraft
  • Mobile Legends

Food or food delivery gift cards

  • Chicken Paradise
  • Road Chef
  • Keje Grill
  • Taste of Safron
  • Pastry King

Health and Beauty gift cards

  • Mystiquee Fragrances
  • Youtopia Beauty
  • Health n Healthy Complete Living
  • Lifebridge Medical Diagnostic Center
  • Bodyrox Fitness Studio

How To Buy Gift Card in Nigeria


Time needed: 5 minutes.

Buying a gift card to shop with Bitcoin (or another crypto) is secure and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to CryptoRefills

    Click here or enter on your desktop or mobile browser.

  2. Select Nigeria

    After selecting Nigeria you will see the product categories that are available.

  3. Select a gift card category and select the brand

    Just select the brand you want to shop for, e.g. Amazon or iTunes. Then you will see the packages that are available for this product. Click on the amount you would like to purchase.

  4. Select currency and package

    Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use to pay for your purchase. For example Bitcoin. Then check if the right package is selected.

  5. Insert email and accept terms

    Insert your email and tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions. Click on proceed to payment. (Make sure your email is correct so that the Pin can be delivered to you and you can be contacted in case of issues).

  6. Make the Bitcoin payment

    Send the exact amount of crypto (e.g. Bitcoin) to the address displayed and follow the instructions. It is important you send exactly the amount displayed.

  7. That’s it!

    You will receive the gift card in your mail. The email will contain the instructions on how to redeem your gift card.
    Attention: Please do not forget to check your spam folder in your email.

That’s all you need to know on how to buy gift card with Bitcoin in Nigeria.