Use Bitcoin ⚡ Lightning Network Payments On CryptoRefills

⚡ Lightning Payment On CryptoRefills

Enjoy fast transaction and low fees on Cryptorefills. Read how to set up a peer to peer system for making micropayments of crypto by connecting to a Lightning node and opening a channel.

To make use of the Bitcoin Lightning payment option on CryptoRefills you should have access to a wallet that supports Lightning. Popular apps are Eclair, BlueWallet and WalletofSatoshi. Some of the wallets are already connected to a node by default and some of them don’t offer the option to select a specific node. The CryptoRefills node has open routes with the most popular nodes, so whichever wallet you choose should not be a problem.

Why pay with Lightning Network?

Lightning Network is a (layer 2) protocol that operates on top of the Bitcoin Network. It features a peer-2-peer type micropayment system based on “channels”. Because the transactions don’t need to be broadcast to the whole network, differently than normal Bitcoin payments, lightning payments are processed almost instantly. Another very good reason to use the Lightning Network for payments is that the transaction fees are almost non-existent, because there are no miners that need incentivizing,

Which Lightning Node Should I Open a Channel With

The Lightning node that your wallet is connected to, must have an open route(connection) with the CryptoRefills node to be able to make a transaction. A simple way to find out if your node is connected is by making a purchase. If you get an error it’s likely that your wallet is not able to find a route. In this case, you can connect directly with the CryptoRefills Lightning node to open a channel.

How to pay on CryptoRefills using the Lightning Network

In this simple step-by-step process, we will guide you on how to set yourself up for making instant payments on Cryptorefills. We will make an example using the Eclair wallet, but any Lightning wallet will work too. Once you have installed, configured and funded your lightning wallet, you will be able to make lightning-fast payments on Cryptrorefills in just a couple of clicks.

1. Install Eclair Wallet Mobile on Google Play

2. Fund your Wallet

Send bitcoin from your other wallet/s or custodial accounts (e.g. Coinbase, Kraken, etc) to the address of your new wallet.

3. Open a channel to the Lightning Network

In the top tab select “Channels” and click on the Plus symbol to add a new channel. Insert your “Node ID” by either scanning our node QR code in the image copying and pasting the Node ID below.


4. Decide how much money you want to be staked into the channel

Decide the amount of Bitcoin that you will “freeze” and make available on the Lightning Channel to make the payments. This will be the maximum amount you can spend on Cryptorefills.

5. Visit CryptoRefills and pay anything over Lightning by selecting Lightning as the payment method

As soon as the new channel has a few confirmations you can create an order on Cryptorefills. Simply go to the CryptoRefills site or open your CryptoRefills App. Choose the product you wish to purchase and select BTC Lightning as a payment method.

Once you complete your order you will be shown an invoice. Scan the invoice or if you are on Mobile click “Open in wallet”. Your Eclair (or other) wallet will open the transaction order directly, where you can make your lightning-fast payment.