Shopping With Bitcoins in Spain: Cryptorefills announces the new catalog

Shopping With Bitcoins in Spain

Cryptorefills announces the new product catalogue for Spain


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Amsterdam, June 18, 2020, Cryptorefills announces the expansion of its network of partners, with 900 new brands and stores globally, of which more than 30 are dedicated to the Spanish market. From today, through gift cards purchased on CryptoRefills, it is possible to make shopping at the main online and offline retail chains in Spain using bitcoins. Among the new categories available on CryptoRefills, you can shop electronics, clothing, shoes, sportswear, beauty products and cosmetics, or other niche brands with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. All this paying with the main cryptocurrencies, and taking advantage of the main innovations in the blockchain area, such as the Lightning Network for super fast and commission free payments.

CryptoRefills, born with the idea of driving the adoption of crypto in everyday life, allowing users to top up their phone credit and buy gift cards for almost every need with bitcoin, litecoin and dash. The new shopping and e-commerce offer in Spain is in addition to phone top ups on all Spanish mobile operators, credits for app stores and major video game consoles, and subscriptions to streaming, music and digital TV platforms. The new offer therefore aims to add new shopping segments that are currently difficult to access with payments in cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology such as bitcoin.

It is not a question of “if”, but only “when” the currency will become entirely digital and based on blockchain technology. With its offer, CryptoRefills positions itself as a catalyst for this transformation, promoting the adoption of blockchain technology, with a customer base that now spans over 150 countries.

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Cryptorefills’ mission is to enable users around the world to use bitcoins and cryptocurrency for everyday purchases. Cryptorefills is a fintech startup, with offices in Amsterdam, Milan, and Istanbul.

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