Special Dash Rewards are available on CryptoRefills - CryptoRefills

Special Dash Rewards are available on CryptoRefills

CryptoRefills users redeem 30% more value if they redeem their loyalty rewards in Dash

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Amsterdam June 29th 2020, Today we are announcing, as part of our ongoing partnership, special CryptoRefills rewards for current and new Dash users.

Last month we launched our brand new loyalty program through which users paying with cryptocurrency for mobile top ups and gift cards earn points for each purchase. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem crypto as a reward for being loyal to us. Thanks to the special partnership between Dash Next and CryptoRefills, as of today, if you redeem Dash instead of other cryptocurrencies, you will get 30% more value for your points. For example, for the same number of points you can redeem 10 USD of BTC or 13 USD of Dash.

Dash benefits from the partnership because members of the Dash community get more value for their purchase. Even if you are not a Dash user, with this bonus you may be incentivized to redeem Dash as a reward and test this currency. And by the way, Dash and Lightning are the two fastest ways for paying on CryptoRefills. So we highly recommend trying it out!

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CryptoRefills is on a mission to enable users around the world to use bitcoin and other crypto for their everyday needs. Cryptorefills is a fast growing fintech startup, headquartered in Amsterdam and with offices in Milano and Istanbul.

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