How to Pay Phone Bill with Bitcoin | Top Up Your Phone with Bitcoin
Pay Phone Bill with Bitcoin

How to Pay Phone Bill with Bitcoin

Need to pay phone bill with Bitcoin? If you are looking for paying phone bills and how to top up mobile credits with bitcoin and crypto you are in the right place. Unfortunately most mobile operators don’t accept payments or in any other cryptocurrency.

However there is a solution, which is simple and safe. Most operators around the world offer authorized third parties the possibility to top up mobile credit on their systems. So you cannot use bitcoin directly with the operator, but you can pay with bitcoin at an authorized partner of the operator. The partner will then instruct the operator to pay the phone bill or issue the mobile credit to the phone number. This is very similar to mobile top-ups done at the supermarket or other stores.  

We will show you how to get started and recharge any mobile phone with Bitcoin or other crypto instantly with CryptoRefills, an authorized reseller of mobile credit. 

Pay Phone Bill with Bitcoin for Any Phone Number

CryptoRefills is a fast and cheap option to pay phone bills, recharge your mobile phone balance, send top-ups to your friends and family using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It supports over 180 countries and more than 600 mobile networks such as Airtel, AT&T, Etisalat, Idea, Lyca Mobile, Movistar, MTN, T-Mobile, Orange, Turkcell, Verizion, Vodafone, just to mention a few.

About Phone Bills and Mobile Prepaid Credits

Prepaid mobile credit is also commonly referred to as pay-as-you-gopay-as-you-talkpay and go, or prepay. It is a mobile phone service for which credit is purchased in advance of the service use. You use this credit to pay for telecommunications services only when the service is accessed or consumed. If there is no credit then the operator will deny access the use of the mobile service.

Users can top up (or recharge) their credit at any time using different payment mechanisms.

Billions of people across the globe prefer prepaid over postpaid contracts. There are many advantages to using prepaid services. For example you avoid surprises at the end of the month and you only pay for what you really need and use. One great advantage of prepaid credit is that you can use bitcoin and other crypto to recharge your credit.

What kind of mobile recharges are available with bitcoin?

Prepaid mobile credit was initially designed for air-time. As technologies evolved, smartphones and mobile internet are now widely available. The GSMA estimates that 49% of the global population has used mobile internet services in 2019. That is 3.8 billion people. 5G is also on its way with an estimated 1.8 billion 5G connections by 2025. So people more and more use credit for mobile internet and other digital services. Some operators offer special bundles allowing a discounted rate on streaming services like Youtube or Facebook and sometimes bundling with voice . A few operators allow people to spend their credit also for goods and services, kind of like payment wallet.

With CryptoRefills you can:

  • pay phone bill with bitcoin
  • make bitcoin to mobile credit top ups
  • use bitcoin to buy mobile internet access
  • use bitcoin or crypto to purchase data bundles

How to pay phone bills and top up with bitcoin or crypto

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these simple instructions on how to top up mobile credit and recharge your phone with bitcoin or other crypto.

  1. Go to CryptoRefills

    Click here or enter on your desktop or mobile browser

  2. Select the country

    Be sure to select the country of the mobile line you wish to recharge. You can also top up mobile lines in countries outside of the country you are in at the moment.

  3. Insert the mobile number

    It is very important that you insert the exact and correct number of the mobile line you wish to refill. If prompted to do so, make sure the mobile operator is also correct.

  4. Select the amount

    Select the top up package you prefer, e.g. 10 USD, 20 TRY, 50 GHS, etc.

  5. Select the currency

    Select in which crypto currency you wish to pay. For example you can select BTC for bitcoin, LTC for Litecoin. And for the most savvy and advanced users, you can pay on the Lightning Network.

  6. Accept T&C

    You will be prompted to insert your email address and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  7. Pay with bitcoin or other crypto

    You will land on the payment page where you will be shown a QR code or the wallet address to which you must send the payment. You will have 15 minutes to complete the payment. You can pay through your wallet or your custodial account at Coinbase, Kraken or others. Make sure you send the exact amount requested.

  8. Done! You will receive your top up.

    It will take a few minutes before the blockchain will process the transaction. So be patient. Once the transaction is cleared, CryptoRefills will instruct the Mobile Operator to recharge your phone.
    Please note some operators require you to also run a USSD code to confirm the top up. In that case you will receive the USSD code and instructions on how to run it directly in your mail box.

top up mobile with bitcoin

Go to to get started. 

Got questions?

If you need any support topping up your phone, please email us on or use the contact form here:

Thank you for recharging with Cryptorefills!


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