How to Use USDT.e on the New Avalanche Bridge (AB) to Make Payments
How to Convert and Use USDT.e Token at CryptoRefills

How to Use USDT.e Token at CryptoRefills

CryptoRefills has recently launched support for payments using the Avalanche Blockchain which is enabling users to shop with crypto assets like ERC20 compatible stablecoins such as USDT.

Avalanche has introduced their new bridge called Avalanche Bridge (AB) which is replacing the existing Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge (AEB). The AEB is now deactivated and Avalanche has stopped the transfers across it. The users who have assets on the AEB can now migrate them to the AB and continue to use them on the applications on the Avalanche eco-system such as CryptoRefills.

We will explain what USDT.e and “TokenName.e” for that matter are and how to convert your now deprecated USDT assets on Avalanche to USDT.e so that you can use your USDT assets to make payments at CryptoRefills and enjoy faster confirmation times and lower fees on the new Avalanche Bridge.

—-UPDATE—- as from October 28, 2021 CryptoRefills supports USDTe as USDT (on the CryptoRefills website) for the Avalanche chain

What is USDT.e and Why is it Different from USDT?

The AB is expected to provide users with a better user experience, faster transactions and lower fees and each Avalanche bridge have now their own unique token sets. Since Avalanche has deprecated the AEB tokens in favor of the AB tokens and they have decided to name AB tokens with a .e suffix.

As USDT on AEB has now become a token from this deprecated bridge, Avalanche has named the USDT tokens that are running on the new AB as “USDT.e”. Same goes with other assets on the AB.

How to convert deprecated USDT to USDT.e on Avalanche?

You can migrate your AEB tokens to AB tokens using the AB user interface. The bridge seems to be in Beta according to the page but can be used to migrate deprecated token balances. You can access the AB interface on this page. Note that the conversion will require 2 transactions as explained below.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Go to the Avalanche Bridge user interface 

    Go to and connect to the Avalanche Bridge using your MetaMask wallet.

  2. Select USDT to Convert  

    Click “Upgrade tokens” button on the top and select USDT which will send you this page As the maximum amount is pre-entered, check your wallet if it matches up with the USDT assets displayed on the page or enter a USDT value that you will convert

  3. Click “Upgrade” Button

    Click “Upgrade” button at the bottom which will send you a status page

  4. Approve Avalanche to Upgrade Your Assets

    You will be redirected to a MetaMask page and asked for approval to allow Avalanche to upgrade your USDT. Click on the “Confirm” button which will send you back the status page. Here you can look at the transaction fee and other transactions details

  5. Approve to Convert the Tokens

    While status page is on “Waiting for confirmation” you will be redirected to a new MetaMask page and asked for approval to convert the token. Click on the “Confirm” button. Here you can look at the gas fee and the total amount.

  6. Click “Add Token” button

    You will get one final MetaMask page which will ask you to approval to add the USDT.e. Click “Add Token” button.

You have now successfully converted your deprecated USDT to USDT.e on Avalanche!

You can check your MetaMask wallet under “Assets” tab to see your newly swapped USDT.e asset. Avalanche has documented the common questions about the Avalanche Bridge (AB) on the AB FAQ page if you want to know more about this current-generation Avalanche Bridge.

How to use USDT.e on CryptoRefills?

Payment experience hasn’t changed for you with the USDT.e and it works exactly like other ERC20 assets at CryptoRefills. We have a detailed guide explaining how to pay with your tokens on the Avalanche Blockchain using Metamask. You can pay with your USDT.e asset on CryptoRefills using the Avalanche Blockchain as your payment network and enjoy immediate confirmation and close to low transaction fees.

That’s all you need to know about converting and using USDT.e token to buy into real world goods and services at CryptoRefills. For any questions, contact us at

Keep shopping with your crypto!

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only, and none of the information above is intended to be legal, investment, financial, or other advice.