Java backend developer

We are seeking a bright and talented Java programmer to actively participate in the development activities of our platform. You will collaborate with other skilled developers and technology consultants.

We are in search of a developer, who is willing to adapt quickly to the dynamic and ever-changing requirements of a startup environment. Moreover, we expect this individual to evolve in terms of organizational structure and take on increasing responsibilities as our business expands and the team grows.


Italy / Turkey (Smart working / work from home)

About the company

We believe blockchain-based digital currencies have the potential to solve some of the world's most important problems, such as financial inclusion, protection, privacy, and freedom. With Cryptorefills, we are on a mission to bring blockchain-based payments into everyday life and accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or other digital currencies yet to come).

Access to crypto investments, trading, and person-to-person transactions is relatively easy today. However, this only serves a limited scope of needs for these currencies. Using cryptocurrencies in everyday life, such as buying goods and services, is instead very limited.

Cryptorefills is a website and Android app offering users in over 180 countries and territories the possibility to use their Bitcoin and crypto to make everyday purchases. With Cryptorefills, users can spend different cryptocurrencies to top up their phone credit across 600 Mobile Operators, pay their utility bills, subscribe to their favorite entertainment services (Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes), purchase from top e-commerce brands (Amazon, Bol), shop at retail stores (Walmart), and even travel, buy fuel, and pay restaurant bills.

The Company is a fast-growing fintech firm headquartered in Amsterdam, with a local presence in Milano and Izmir.

Your Skills

Base requirements

  • Profound knowledge of Java and a solid understanding of Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Capability to write clean, understandable, and well-tested code, incorporating patterns and best practices, TDD (Test-Driven Development), and dependency management.
  • Deep understanding of HTTP standards.
  • Free from NIH syndrome.

Key requirements

  • Experience with MongoDB.
  • Experience with PlayFramework and akka actors.
  • Experience with asynchronous programming using CompletableFuture and reactive programming with rxJava.
  • Experience with Docker containers.
  • Experience with the AWS platform.

For more information, please Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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