Introducing the new €50 Airbnb NFT cashback promo!

Introducing the new €50 Airbnb NFT cashback promo!

Matteo D'andreta


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Purchase at least €200 worth of gift cards on Cryptorefills and receive via email a link to claim your NFT cashback* on Polygon for free. A new, powerful web3 cashback solution developed by the Cryptorefills team.
Introducing the new €50 Airbnb NFT cashback promo!

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*Check the promotion rules below.

About the NFT cashback

The Airbnb web3 cashback is a special promotion offered by Cryptorefills in partnership with Airbnb. This innovative solution consists of an NFT with an additional balance of €50 issued through the Atomicrails protocol, developed by our team.

All Cryptorefills users located in countries where Airbnb operates can participate in this promotion and mint this special NFT worth €50 on Polygon!

Read more about promotion rules and how to claim and redeem the cashback!

How to participate in the promotion

The promotion is available to Cryptorefills users located in countries where Airbnb operates, and who bought at least €200 worth of any gift card on Cryptorefills. This means you can buy €200 worth of Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. gift cards and you will be eligible for the cashback promotion.

Eligible users will receive via email the link to claim for free (without spending any cost for the transaction) the NFT, which will be immediately available in your wallet.

After receiving your NFT, you can spend your €50 cashback on the purchasing of one or more Airbnb gift cards worth at least €200.


How to claim your NFT

After receiving the Email, these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Click on “Claim”
This will bring you to the following page:


2. Connect wallet
You have to connect the Metamask or Coinbase wallet. If your wallet is not connected to Polygon, Atomicrails protocol will ask you to switch the chain.


3. Sign
In your wallet, you have to sign a message that demonstrates you’re the owner of that wallet.


4. Claim your NFT
Now you can claim your NFT, without spending money for its minting, and, with your NFT in your wallet, you can now come back to Cryptorefills to spend your cashback!


How to redeem your NFT on Cryptorefills

After claiming the NFT (see the section above if you have not done so already), you can now spend your NFT cashback on the purchasing of one or more Airbnb gift cards.

The promotion is available only on purchases of Airbnb gift cards with a value of at least €200.

1. Visit and choose the Airbnb gift card
After ensuring that the correct country is selected, you will see the brands available in your region. Select one or more Airbnb gift cards for a total value of at least €200.


2. Connect your wallet on the cart page
To make use of your NFT gift card. Simply connect your wallet by clicking the wallet icon in the top right corner and connect to your Metamask or Coinbase.

3. Sign the message
By signing the message you allow CryptoRefills to make sure you are the real owner of the NFT gift card.

4. Apply your NFT gift card to your order
By applying the NFT gift card you permit Cryptorefills to spend from the balance of your NFT gift card. Please note that this transaction will cost you a small amount of Matic, but we sent you 0.02 Matic when you claimed the NFT, so you will not pay anything for this operation!


5. Proceed to checkout
If the total order amount exceeds the balance of your gift card, you will be prompted to pay the remaining balance. Once payment is completed, Cryptorefills will deduct the remaining balance from your gift card and deliver the product to your email.


About Atomicrails

Atomicrails is a protocol that enables the issuance, distribution, and use of closed and open-loop NFT cards with the transparency, security, and decentralization provided by blockchain technology.

This NFT cashback has been issued through the Atomicrails protocol and could be just the first of many innovative promotions we launch!

Are you interested in this technology? Reach out to us: