An interesting interview about Polygon ethos and values with Ravi and Marco

An interesting interview about Polygon ethos and values with Ravi and Marco

Matteo D'andreta


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We had the incredible opportunity of interviewing two Directors of Growth at Polygon Labs: Ravikant Agrawal who is working on web3 mobile, digital identity, and ecosystem growth, and Marco, who is focused on the Polygon ecosystem support program (Polygon Village) and the DAO ecosystem built on Polygon.
An interesting interview about Polygon ethos and values with Ravi and Marco

A brief introduction of yourself and your role in the Polygon ecosystem

I’m Ravikant Agrawal, Director of Growth at Polygon Labs, I focus on new and emerging areas within Growth such as web3 mobile, digital identity, and ecosystem growth.

I’m Marco, Director of Growth at Polygon Labs, I focus on the Polygon ecosystem support program (Polygon Village) and the DAO ecosystem built on Polygon.

Could you provide an overview of Polygon's core ethos and values? How do these principles guide decision-making within the ecosystem?

Some of Polygon Labs’ core beliefs are listed below. These beliefs drive the way Polygon Labs operates.

  1. People deserve an equitable future: We are committed to building open-source protocols that give anyone, anywhere the power to create value for people everywhere.
  2. The community is our backbone: We are committed to contributing to a thriving ecosystem by empowering and investing in developers, community, and users.
  3. Blockchains will change the world for good: We are committed to building protocols, programs, and services that will accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology to bring more value to people.
  4. Ethereum has staying power: We are committed to helping Ethereum scale and believe it will remain the preferred foundational layer for security and decentralization for developers.

In a rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, how does the Polygon ecosystem plan to differentiate itself and maintain its competitive edge? Are there any unique strategies or innovations in the pipeline?

  • At the heart of the Polygon 2.0 vision is a web of zero knowledge (ZK) powered L2s that are seamlessly interconnected and able to scale Ethereum on demand. But building and launching L2s is complex. It requires protocol-level knowledge, bootstrapping sequencer(s), and various other infrastructure-related operations, all of which pose unique challenges for developers.
  • Solving this challenge is one of our key differentiators by innovating with ZK approaches. Polygon Labs has been focused on building Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit). Polygon CDK is an open-source and modular codebase that anyone, anywhere can use to launch their own L2 chain, powered by the industry-leading ZK technology of Polygon Labs. Any developer deploying a chain using Polygon CDK will be launching a ZK-powered L2 on Ethereum. By connecting to a shared ZK bridge, every chain is also seamlessly interoperable – connected to every other. Together, these chains form the value layer of the Internet.
  • Additionally, Polygon Labs differentiates itself with a ZK-focused expert team and a strong business development team to scale the ecosystem.

Community engagement is vital in blockchain ecosystems. How does Polygon foster a strong and active community?

There is no blockchain / web3 without community. The community, which extends to all those who have an interest in Polygon protocols and/or participate in its development, is the basis of the vision of the 3 pillars of Polygon 2.0 governance: (1) protocol governance, (2) system smart contract governance and (3) community treasury governance. The community will therefore be increasingly engaged to become an active and engaged part of Polygon's governance. Alongside this, the joint commitment of all the teams continues incessantly in the growth of the community of builders and founders, through ama, spaces, hackathons and the support provided thanks to the upcoming relaunch of Polygon Village.

Polygon has been a long-time partner of Cryptorefills, what are the advantages of using Polygon on Cryptorefills?

Using Polygon on Cryptorefills allows users to make faster and cheaper gift card purchases, we look forward to further opportunities with the Cryptorefills team and community!

This has been a great opportunity for us to discuss with two important figures from Polygon labs what are the values and principles that are guiding the decision-making within the ecosystem. Cryptorefills has been a longtime partner of Polygon, we were the first to implement it as a network for purchasing gift cards with crypto more than two years ago, and it’s awesome watching its success and tech evolution. We hope you liked this exclusive interview with Ravi and Marco, see you at the next Insight!