Earn points with your friends

For every friend, you will earn 0.5x of the points they earn at Cryptorefills.

Your friend will also get 1.5x more points on their first order at Cryptorefills. You can get a maximum of 500 points per friend you've invited.

All aboard the blockchain train 🚀, next stop: gift cards!So you're the liaison between the crypto world and old-school retail?I used Bitcoin to buy a gift card on Cryptorefills. Now I can shop at big brands!Exactly, call me the Crypto-Conductor!

What are Cryptorefills points?

At Cryptorefills, we believe in rewarding every customer for their purchases. With each transaction, you automatically earn Cryptorefills Points, our unique loyalty points. These points can then be redeemed for Bitcoin, Litecoin (and soon others) directly to your wallet for free.

How to join the referral program?

To participate in our referral program, simply make a single purchase to activate it for yourself. For your referrals to be eligible within the program, it's important that your friends haven't previously registered an account with Cryptorefills. Additionally, for their purchases to qualify, your friends must complete their initial order by using the invite link you provide them specifically for Cryptorefills.

How to invite friends?

Get your exclusive invite link
Your unique referral link can be found in
your account.
Invite friends
Share your exclusive invite link with friends on your site, blog, social media or email.
Earn more points
You will earn 0.5x of the points they will earn from their orders at Cryptorefills.
Spread the word and start earning!
Invite friends and earn more

Program details

You can invite and earn more points multiple times. The more you promote your invite link the more points you will earn!
We can revoke referral program access or deny rewards if we suspect terms violation, abusive activity (like self-referrals, fake accounts, existing users), or harm to Cryptorefills brand.
We reserve the right to modify the referral offer at any time. By continuing to invite friends after an update to the terms, you are indicating that you are accepting them.
Redeem your points into LTC or BTC coins. Then, use these coins for purchases on Cryptorefills

Unveiling the Process


  • Imagine User A extending an invitation to User B. When User B completes a purchase and earns 200 Cryptorefills points, an intriguing dynamic comes into play. As a result, User A is seamlessly credited with 100 Cryptorefills points—equivalent to 0.5 times the points amassed by User B. This cycle continues, with User A consistently earning 0.5 times the Cryptorefills points acquired by User B with each successive purchase.