Buy Gift Card with bitcoin and Crypto. Transform BTC to Gift Cards
Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin

Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin

As you may know, it is still difficult to cash out and use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your everyday shopping and needs. Most online and retail stores don’t accept crypto as a payment method. But there is a clever workaround which is simple and safe. The trick is to use gift cards or vouchers. You buy the gift card of the brand or store you want to shop at using bitcoin or another crypto (e.g. Dash and Litecoin).

Yes it is possible to buy gift cards with bitcoin. In this post we will explain how to buy a gift card with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. We will also briefly explain how gift cards work and all the advantages of buying gift cards with crypto. Lastly we will provide some examples of the most popular gift cards that you can buy with bitcoin. For example, you will learn how you can use bitcoin to buy electronics from MediaMarkt and everyday needs from Amazon or a pair of shoes from Foot Locker or Zalando. Or how to use crypto at Google Play, iTunes, Steam, or Netflix just to mention a few.

About Gift Cards

A gift card is often called a voucher, or gift certificate. It is a prepaid stored-value money card issued by a brand or retailer. The gift card is basically an alternative to cash for making purchases within a particular store. Just to make an example, if you have a 100 USD Amazon gift card, you can buy up to 100 dollars worth of products from the Amazon store by redeeming the gift card instead of paying with your credit card or PayPal.

Gift cards can be redeemed online (on the retailer’s website) and/or directly at the physical store. This depends on the type of retailer and the retailer’s policy. Gift cards used online usually are based on a numeric code system. So when you buy a gift card to be redeemed online, you will receive a numeric code (usually called Pin Code). You will insert this Pin Code on the retailer’s e-commerce site and redeem the related credit.

Gift cards to be used at the retailer’s physical store sometimes contain a barcode. Once you purchase the code, you can generally print out the barcode or keep a copy of it on your phone and show it to the cashier when you pay.

The advantages of Gift Cards. Why buy gift cards with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has very low acceptance across online and offline retailers. None of the largest online retailers accepts bitcoin. For example Amazon doesn’t accept bitcoin, nor do Apple, Google, Spotify, or Netflix. You can’t walk into Walmart or Best Buy and pay with bitcoin. So, the main advantage of buying gift cards with bitcoin is that even if the shop or retailer doesn’t accept bitcoin you can use bitcoin to buy the gift cards instead. With gift cards you can basically use bitcoin to buy any product or service you can think of.

Also, gift cards have a long expiration date, some are valid for a few weeks, other for a year or more. This means that if you are concerned with the volatility of bitcoin or of your crypto, you might want to buy a gift card today. Why? Because 100 USD of Amazon today will be worth 100 USD of Amazon tomorrow.

Many bitcoin and crypto “fans” are concerned about privacy. So one great advantage is that gift cards are not issued in the name of the buyer. In simple words this means gift cards or vouchers are anonymous.
Lastly, as the name suggests, you can use them for your own purchases or give them as a gift. How cool is that? You can use bitcoin to give a nice present to a friend or loved one.

How to Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Buying a gift card to shop with Bitcoin (or another crypto) is secure and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to CryptoRefills

    Click here or enter on your desktop or mobile browser. You can also download the CryptoRefills App (Android Only).

  2. Select your country

    After selecting the country you will see the product categories that are available in this area.

  3. Select the category “Gift Cards Vouchers” and select the brand

    Just select the brand you want to shop for, e.g. Amazon or Walmart. Then you will see the packages that are available for this product. Click on the amount you would like to purchase.

  4. Select currency and package

    Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use to pay for your purchase. For example Bitcoin or Litecoin. Then check if the right package is selected.

  5. Insert email and accept terms

    Insert your email and tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions. Click on proceed to payment. (Make sure your email is correct so that the Pin can be delivered to you and you can be contacted in case of issues).

  6. Make the Bitcoin payment

    Send the exact amount of crypto (e.g. Bitcoin) to the address displayed and follow the instructions. It is important you send exactly the amount displayed.

  7. That’s it!

    You will receive the gift card in your mail. The email will contain the instructions on how to redeeem your giftcard.
    Attention: Please do not forget to check your spam folder in your email.

Bitcoin to gift card ideas

Here we list some guft cards of brands and stores you can shop at using bitcoin and crypto. We listed them by category.

E-Commerce with bitcoin

You can buy Amazon or BOL gift cards with bitcoin. This means you can use your bitcoin to buy online almost any product you can imagine. From electronics, such as TVs and Smartphones, or furniture, to books, sporting goods and office supplies.

Digital Entertainment

You can use bitcoin to buy gift cards of the main digital entertainment services such as video games, apps and music and video streaming. Music and Video Streaming gift cards include Spotify and Netflix. Use bitcoin for Google Play and iTunes app stores. Gamers also use bitcoin for popular platforms such as Steam and PlayStation (PSN) as well as for individual game credits such as World of War Craft or League of Legends.

Spotify, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Blizzard, League of Legends, PubG.

Bitcoin for Fashion & Apparel

Di you know you can use bitcoin for a fancy pair of Rayban sunglasses? Or for maybe you want to use your crypto for a new pair of shiny Nike sneakers? Or how about putting some crypto into some stylish outfit at Banana Republic? You will look super for your next crypto meetup or zoom conference call.

American Eagle, Banana Republic, Chico’s, Express, Foot Locker, Gap, Marshalls, Nike, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Ray Ban, T.J. Maxx, Under Armour

Sporting Goods & Apparel:

Did you ever think of using your crypto to stay fit? You could use some bitcoin to buy some shiny new skis, or a surfboard, or maybe those great running shoes. Or new Golf Clubs at Callway, maybe? Need some ideas, why don’t you check out these stores:

Adidas, Bass Pro Shop, Callway, Champ’s Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Footlocker, Nike, Under Armour

Don’t know how to spend your Bitcoin? Check out some stores to get some shopping ideas



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